"No More Pretending"

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London, UK

"Momma's Angel"

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Washington, D.C. 

"The Definition of Freedom"

Exhibited in London Black History Month 2019 

*University of East London 

*Hayward Gallery 


This photographic project reflects life and the way I feel many African-Americans and people of color see it. Often, we struggle combining strengths. Many of us bold and eager but yet frail minded in obstacles that could lead to defeat. Sturdy mentally but yet not the strength nor will power to stand on one's own two feet. It's a constant battle balancing what we know with the stones unturned but in an effort to shine a light on this issue of still being afraid. I shoot a bold black and white three photo series that portrays what could be a powerful man. While strong and seemingly prideful, he is weakened by the mask that by choice he wears over his face, leaving the figure powerless in sight no matter the intentions from within. This represents the shackling of the mind and the willingness to be bold with limitations. Is this freedom? If not... What's your definition of freedom? 

"Claiming Power" 2019 

Art Installation at Morgan State University 

Acrylic Painting 

Style: free-hand, loose, cultural

Canvas 36in x 48in 


"When we were young" 2019 

M.A. Fine Art Degree Show,

University of East London AVA Building  


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