Justin Black is an international artist that practices photography, painting, poetry, and fashion design. Black, a Washington, D.C. native has recently been named the Artistic-Director of Porter Victoria Clothing & Decor. He received "Merit" as a Master of Fine Art under 1992 Turner Prize winner Grenville Davey from The University of East London. After completing communications and multi-media bachelor studies at historic HBCU Morgan State University. 


Black explains photography as "the capturing of raw emotion, energy, spirit, pride, weakness, strength, architecture, and the style of anything in front of my lens. That then becomes a timeless piece of history.

As an artist, I strive to push young people forward, never holding back creativity and helping the mind formulate its more complex thoughts."  

 After spending three years as a freelance photographer and storyteller for SofarSounds (London & Washington, D.C.) Black now focuses on fine art pieces and fashion design. 


 "My goal is to continually establish and push an inspiring narrative of innovation, art, storytelling, and design by promoting hard work, diversity, and creativity. Building what I believe is a safe space for creation. I believe in people not being afraid to create what does not already exist. I am inspired by the world and extremely motivated to contribute to its beauty."

Black will release his first publications in January 2020 entitled "No More Pretending" and "Momma's Angel" which will be available exclusively on Amazon. The work reflects his journey through life. Indulging in beauty, art, style, pain, love, struggle, travel, culture & the ability to be innovative & free. 

Black has worked with Nike, Wrangler, NCBW 100, SoFarSounds, London Lions Basketball Club, and more. 


Follow him on Instagram: @jablackofficial

Contact him via jblackaggie@gmail.com

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